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Saturday, July 2, 2016

Duel For Cannons

Dirty Harry #1: “Duel For Cannons” by Dane Hartman (Ric Meyers). Texas sheriff Boris Tucker and his family are in California on vacation, to get away from the maddening political corruption in San Antonio. However, Boss Hannibal Striker (a wetback named Ed Villavada) is in control of the political system as well as crooked cops, and sends a gunslinger named Sweetboy Williams to kill him. Tucker is a friend of Harry Callihan, however, and Sweetboy wants to lead Dirty Harry to San Antonio for a real gunfight at the Alamo. Leaving enough clues for Harry to follow, it doesn’t take long for Dirty Harry’s brand of justice to start taking hold. This was the first of a new paperback series based on the popular film series of the same name, which would run for a total of 12 issues. Thoroughly enjoyable, as San Antonio was once my own stomping grounds, and the areas covered by Harry were quite familiar. The story was fun, too. Apparently, two authors wrote the series: Ric Meyers and Leslie Alan Horvitz. I found the stories by Meyers to be the better of those written for the series. This one in particular is one of the best.

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