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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The Death Tower

THE DEATH TOWER by Tom Johnson: Secret Agent X is back in The Tower of Death. What could a German agent
be after in America? During Secret Agent X's recovery at the Montgomery Mansion after the battle with Zerna's drug gang in 1937, Betty Dale falls
into a trap while following a suspect and is captured by a German Spy. Her
whereabouts are unknown, and indeed, it's not known if she's even alive. Although the Agent hasn't fully recovered from his previous battle with
Zerna (THE FROZEN FORMULA) and the underworld, it's imperative for him to locate and rescue the
girl. For Betty Dale is more precious to him than anything in the world. If
 she has been harmed, he will exact vengeance on those responsible! Available on Amazon Kindle for $0.99 and free on Kindle Unlimited at http://www.amazon.com/Death-Tower-Tom-Johnson-ebook/dp/B00A9YHF96/ref=la_B008MM81CM_1_25?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1445948975&sr=1-25&refinements=p_82%3AB008MM81CM

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The Soul Stealers

THE SOUL STEALERS by Tom Johnson: I’ve often been asked why does God allow good people to die horrible deaths, and I wanted to answer that question as best I could in this book. Angels have walked among mankind since the dawn of civilization. Although we may not recognize them, or even see their presence, they are always with us. Perhaps they whisper advice in our dreams, or guide our governments without their knowledge, angels are moving us towards a higher good. Some even protect us in our final day, when violent death reaches out for our very soul - these are the Soul Sealers! Here are eleven episodic tales of violent death, and the angelic encounters assisting in the crossing over. Paperback versions may be purchased from the author at $14.00 post paid (US), and is available on Amazon Kindle for $2.99 at http://www.amazon.com/SOUL-STEALERS-Tom-Johnson-ebook/dp/B00785HSQY/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1445863125&sr=1-1&keywords=the+soul+stealers+by+tom+johnson

Monday, October 26, 2015

These Alien Skies

 THESE ALIEN SKIES by Tom Johnson: With a cover by Teresa Tunaley. UFOs have been an enigma to people for centuries, but in the 20th Century they made their presence felt worldwide. MSgt Edwards experienced them first hand in the Air Force, when lights in the sky took control of a nuclear missile complex in North Dakota. After retiring, he joined AIM - Alien Intelligence Monitors, and now investigates sightings; is it possible an alien from outer space guides him with a message for Earth? This fictional book contains three novelettes featuring the UFO investigator and his cases. Available on Amazon Kindle for $2.99; or free on Kindle Unlimited at http://www.amazon.com/These-Alien-Skies-Tom-Johnson-ebook/dp/B00KPFC36E/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1445813404&sr=1-1&keywords=these+alien+skies+by+tom+johnson

Saturday, October 24, 2015

The Black Bat's War

THE BLACK BAT’S WAR by Tom Johnson. In the trenches of war-torn Germany, soldiers were dying from the medicines they received for their wounds. The Army generals blamed America for the bad drugs, yet nothing could be done until the source of the deadly medicine was uncovered and replaced with good drugs. While investigators are stymied, The Black Bat and his team of crime fighters take up the challenge in New York, uncovering a giant plot by a master criminal. But would they be in time to save brave young soldiers dying of their wounds in a far off No-Man’s Land? Available on Amazon Kindle for $1.99 at http://www.amazon.com/Black-Bats-War-Tom-Johnson-ebook/dp/B00C0ZAIDC/ref=la_B008MM81CM_1_20?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1445611298&sr=1-20&refinements=p_82%3AB008MM81CM 

Friday, October 23, 2015

Radio Archives

October 23, 2015
99 Cent Murder at Midnight, Volume 1 Bonus!
The brand new Murder at Midnight, Volume 1 radio set is only 99 cents through November 5th, when you place any order for $25 or more.
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“Midnight, the witching hour when the night is darkest, our fears the strongest, and our strength at its lowest ebb. Midnight, when the graves gape open and death strikes.”
Murder at Midnight was a thirty minute show, featuring macabre tales of suspense, often with a supernatural twist.
In 1946, Louis G. Cowan, Inc., a transcribed programming house began creating a series of crime fiction dramas slotted for late night listening. It had one of the higher production and cast costs for syndicated programming for that time. Directed by Anton M. Leder and produced by Louis G. Cowan. The host was Raymond Morgan, who delivered the memorable lines of introduction over Charles Paul’s effective organ theme.
Featuring tales of the supernatural and the macabre by radio's top writers and stars. The writers included Robert Newman, Joseph Ruscoll, Max Ehrlich, Betty Caine, Carl Frank, Sigmund Miller, Winifred Wolfe, Jay Williams, Barry Hopkins, Lawson Zerbe, William Norwood, Abram S. Guiness, and Leon Meadow.
Actors included Alan Hewett, Ann Shephard, Barry Hopkins, Barry Kroeger, Betty Caine, Brad Barker, Carl Emory, Carl Frank, Charlotte Holland, Craig McDonnell, Elspeth Eric, Eric Dressler, Fess Johnson, Frank Behrens, Helen Shields, James Van Dyke, John Griggs, John Sylvester, Karl Swenson, Lawson Zerbie, Mercedes McCambridge, Paul Mann, Ruth Yorke, Vinton Hayworth, Walter Vaughn, Wendell Holmes, and William Quinn
The series is known to have started as early as April 19, 1946. Murder At Midnight was issued by several transcriptions services, and the show titles and show numbers were different on them. The shows in Radio Archives, Murder at Midnight, Volume 1 set came from a set of MacGregor and Ingram disks and the show numbers are taken from the disks themselves. Being syndicated, stations could broadcast the programs in any sequence, on any day of the week.
Seven hours, fourteen tales of Mystery and Terror, restored to sparkling audio quality by Radio Archives.
7 hours - $10.49 Download / $20.98 Audio CDs
by Norvell W. Page writing as Grant Stockbridge
Read by Nick Santa Maria
In a hundred thousand homes, families sat down together at the supper table. A few hours later, those persons were dead — killed by poison in canned foods! Thousands of women used cosmetics, and acid made their faces forever hideously scarred. A master criminal, daring and clever, was ruthlessly slaughtering Americans to win immense illicit profits for himself. Only one man was powerful enough and wise enough to stop this wholesale murder — Richard Wentworth, champion of oppressed humanity, better known as the Spider. And the Spider was engaged in the bitterest battle of his career, fighting the Avenger, a false, wily crusader who was determined to destroy him!
Norvell W. Page, writing under the pseudonym of Grant Stockbridge, Page remade the Spider into his own psychic twin, often dressing up as the Master of Men when delivering his monthly manuscripts.
In a letter to a Spider fan, Page wrote, “Think of me as Wentworth, if you will. The line between us is not too distinct.”
Page took Spider readers on a roller-coaster ride of wild action and fevered emotion unlike anything ever published before or since. Once he got going, Page painted a portrait of a tortured superhero, one much more emblematic of the 21st century than of the Great Depression.
For Richard Wentworth saw himself as a man on a holy mission, a self-appointed messiah with a martyr complex. A Christ covered in cobwebs. He was the champion of oppressed humanity, its shield and protector against the murderous outbreaks of the Underworld; wherever crime struck terribly, that way he hastened, taking up the challenge. The police had offered rewards totaling thousands of dollars for his capture “dead or alive.” And the Underworld hated him, and plotted his destruction with a fierceness bred of abject terror.
Nick Santa Maria breathes life into the Spider in The Pain Emperor. Originally published in The Spider magazine, February, 1935.
5 hours - $9.99 Download / $19.98 Audio CDs
The pulps' mightiest superman returns in two action-packed thrillers by Lester Dent and William G. Bogart writing as "Kenneth Robeson." First, Doc and Patricia Savage mount a rescue expedition to the Amazon jungle in "The Men Vanished" after seven of the world's greatest explorers mysteriously disappear! Then in "Death in Little Houses" Doc seeks to learn why bearded mountain men are stealing portions of postwar model homes and a lady trucker has been marked for death. This instant collector's item reprints the classic color pulp covers by Emery Clarke and Charles J. Ravel and also features the original interior illustrations by Paul Orban and historical commentary by Will Murray, author of sixteen Doc Savage novels.. Double Novel Reprint $14.95
Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? The Shadow knows! Sanctum Books commemorates its milestone 100th issue with pulp thrillers by all three Maxwell Grants: Walter B. Gibson, Theodore Tinsley and Bruce Elliott! First, The Master of Darkness unmasks the murderous mastermind behind "The Death Triangle." Then, "The Crimson Death" strikes in a dizzy dance of murder that draws even The Shadow into its arms! Finally, a mysterious cult revives an ancient curse through "The Seven Deadly Arts." This instant collector's item showcases the classic color pulp covers by George Rozen, Graves Gladney and Modest Stein and the original interior illustrations by Tom Lovell, Paul Orban and Edd Cartier, with original commentary by popular culture historian Will Murray.Double Novel Reprint $15.95
The Spider, Volume 7
Published by Sanctum Books
The pulp's most murderous crimebuster wages his deadly war on crime in two violent 1935 thrillers by Norvell Page. Recovering from life-threatening injuries, Richard Wentworth confronts the lightning-wielding Lion Man from Mars to end mass slaughter and save his beloved city from "The Flame Master." Then, with Nita held hostage and Commissioner Kirkpatrick enslaved by a criminal mastermind, The Spider wages his lone war against the acid-spraying "Overlord of the Damned." This double novel pulp reprint showcases the original color covers by John Newton Howitt, John Fleming Gould's classic interior illustrations and historical commentary by Will Murray. Double Novel Reprint $14.95
by Will Murray and Lester Dent, writing as Kenneth Robeson, cover illustration by Joe DeVito
When millionaire Lamont Cranston and attorney Ham Brooks are kidnapped by gunmen driving a black hearse, it spells trouble for Doc Savage. Trouble with compound interest when Cranston’s personal lawyer is mysteriously murdered before he can consult with celebrated criminologist George Clarendon—who is secretly The Shadow!
These strange events put the Man of Bronze and the Dark Avenger on a collision course that threatens to expose the deepest secrets of both supermen. The conflict intensifies when underworld figure Cliff Marsland is captured and shipped off to Doc’s secret Crime College!
Will these legendary crimefighters join forces—or will the diabolical Funeral Director have the last laugh on Doc Savage and The Shadow? Softcover $24.95
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