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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Congo War Cry

The Private Army of Colonel Tobin #3: “Congo War Cry” by Alan Caillou. Two rebel armies are causing headaches for the African Congo. General Guevara Lincoln’s army wants to run all the whites out of Africa, and Major Dogger’s army wants Africa returned to the old days when whites were masters, and blacks were slaves. The Congolese Army is not strong enough to fight them, so the private army of Colonel Tobin is hired to destroy the rebels. Tobin’s command consist of Major Paul Tobin (the colonel’s son), Pamela Charles (aide de camp), Betty de Haas (maps), Major Rick Meyers, and Major Bramble. Considered a men’s action novel, there is a difference. Most men’s action novels are primarily about sex and mass killing. Colonel Tobin is more military tactic, battle statistics, and well-written adventure, without the need of mass killing and sexual encounters every few pages. In other words, this series is more professional than mere mindless action we usually get in these series. Colonel Tobin actually pits the two rebel forces against each other, and then mops up what is left. It is his tactics that set the two against each other in the place and time picked by his army. A very good series.