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Friday, December 14, 2012

Cold War Heroes

Coming Soon Tom Johnson's best selling novel, Cold War Heroes in hardback. NTD has recently renewed the contract with Tom for his best selling boxing novel set in Cold War France of the 1960s, complete with spies, blood, and hard fist.

Pulp goes Top Secret in this military comedy drama set in Europe during the height of the Cold War. A group of misfit MPs must confront spies and the black market while dealing with a boxing tournament on Post! Not since M*A*S*H* and Soldier In The Rain have we been treated to an inside look at military life with a touch of humor by a soldier who actually experience it.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Black Shadow

Tom Johnson's "The Black Shadow has just released on Kindle, $.99.

Chu Chul, the evil Chinese mastermind, thought to be long dead is back to win the throne of China. But first he vows to kill his mortal enemy, Dorus Noel. After Chu Chul robs a Korean temple of valuable treasures to finance his army, a mysterious assassin appears in New York’s Chinatown to assist Noel in his battle with the evil Chinaman. Could The Black Shadow be Dorus Noel’s new houseboy? Go with Noel and Kim Young Ju, as they search for the mastermind’s opium den while the black cloak of The Black Shadow watches over the dark streets of Chinatown.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Moon Man, Secret Agent X & More

Coming soon to Kindle, three new books by Tom Johnson.

Hunter’s Moon, featuring the Moon Man in his best adventure since Frederick C. Davis. With the police closing in on Angel’s hideaway, the danger for the Moon Man may be escalating for Great City’s Robin Hood. To compound matters, tragedy strikes closer to home. This time, he will not be able to provide help to someone close to him. Sergeant Steve Thatcher, seeing the people struggling to survive, dons the mysterious garments of the Robin Hood thief to relieve the filthy rich of their ill-gotten gains to be distributed among the poor by ex boxer Ned Dargan. When they come up against an illegal weapons manufacturer masquerading as a toy company, his fiancé is taken prisoner by criminals and he must not only remove them of their money, but put a stop to their weapons sale overseas.

In The Silence of Death, Colonel Jeremiah Custer’s Wild West Show comes across murder in a small Texas town. A mystifying murder mystery ensnares the famous criminologist and sharpshooter, Colonel Jeremiah Custer when his team encounters a young boy accused of mayhem. The lad cannot deny the charges for he can neither hear nor speak. The scientific brain of the greatest man hunter is put to task as he attempts to unravel this new crime! The ex intelligence officer puts his scientific brain to work to prove that the deaf mute boy is not the killer. Follow Colonel Custer and his aides as they unravel this deep mystery, and bring to justice this evil murderer.

Secret Agent X is back in The Tower of Death. What could a German agent be after in America? During Secret Agent X’s recovery at the Montgomery Mansion after the battle with Zerna’s drug gang in 1937, Betty Dale falls into a trap while following a suspect and is captured by a German Spy. Her whereabouts are unknown, and indeed, it’s not known if she’s even alive. Although the Agent hasn’t fully recovered from his previous battle with Zerna and the underworld, it’s imperative for him to locate and rescue the girl. For Betty Dale is more precious to him than anything in the world. If she has been harmed, he will exact vengeance on those responsible!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Tales of Masks & Mayhem

For lovers of exciting thrills and adventures in the pulp tradition, don’t let these anthologies elude you. All are available on Amazon in print. V #2 & 3 are available in eBook from Ebooktime.com, and #3 is available as an eBook at NTD, Kindle, and elsewhere. Great reading, written some some of the best new writers in the pulp field.

V #4: This large volume contains "The Hooded Hunter" by Max Scarlatti, "Prophet of Peril" (a Masked Avenger story) by Lamont Wentworth, a new Crimson Mask story, "The Crimson Mask's Justice" by Frank Johnson, Doc Atlas returns in "His Master's Voice" by Michael A. Black and Ray Lovato, and Tom Johnson's Black Cat story, "Partners In Crime" rounds out the issue. With a great cover by Matt Lovato, this is a must for all pulp fans.

V #3: THE CULT OF THE FACELESS FIEND by Thomas V. Powers featuring Crimson Bat. THE FACE OF CHU-JUNG by Eric Turowski. SIDEWINDER by Debra Delorme featuring Scarecrow. DEATH AND THE BLACK GHOST by Tom Johnson  featuring The Black Ghost. A TASTE FOR MURDER by J. Michael Major featuring Black Bat. SOULS ON FIRE by John L. French featuring Grey Monk. THE DUST OF DEATH by Joel Jenkins featuring Eel & Adder. SATAN PLAGUE by Michael A. Black featuring Doc Atlas. THE VACATION by Ginger Johnson featuring Mr. Minus. CATCH A FALLING STAR by Dale J. Roberts featuring Mr. Mystery.

V #2: FIRST FLIGHT by K.G. McAbee & Tom Johnson featuring Shadowhawke. WOLF'S CLOTHING by John L. French featuring Grey Monk. ARCTIC TERROR by Michael A. Black featuring Doc Atlas. MIDNIGHT MOON by Terry Nudds featuring Moon Man. FOR THE LIFE OF A CHILD by Debra Delorme featuring Scarecrow. THE BEGINNING by Ginger Johnson featuring Mr. Minus. THE LADY OF DEATH by G. Wayman Jones featuring Black Bat. THE CHINESE CONNECTION by Alanna Morgan.

V #1: MONARCH OF THE FLAME-MADNESS by Maxentius Andor Scarlatti featuring The Tarantula.
CRIMSON HARVEST by Therese Drippe & Tom Johnson featuring The Black Bat. THE GREY MONK’S JUSTICE by John L French  featuring The Grey Monk. THE LUNAR LEAGUE by Lance Curry featuring The Moon Man and Secret Agent X. GORILLA KILLER by Michael A. Black  featuring Doc Atlas. HUNTER’S MOON by Debra DeLorme & Tom Johnson featuring The Black Ghost and The Scarecrow. THE NIGHT HAWK by Will Murray featuring The Night Hawk.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Guns Of The Black Ghost

Coming soon to Kindle, Guns of The Black Ghost by Tom Johnson. Here is the planned cover for the huge volume. This should be released in the next week or two.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Echoes Revisited

Here is the cover we used on ECHOES REVISITED, our 20th Anniversary issue of Echoes Magazine. The cover is by David Burton. We had 100 copies printed at Office Depot in 2002, but only sold a handful, taking a big loss. That means we still have a lot of issues stored. Copies are still available for $20.00, plus postage. Contact me, if interested. And coming very soon, ECHOES 30, the 30th anniversary book of Echoes. This is being published in POD CreateSpace by Altus Press, and well over 300 pages. Everyone is aware of the quality of Matt Moring's books, so the 30th anniversary book will be a must for pulp fans and old Echoes subscribers, as well as the new pulp fans. Lots of in-depth articles and pulp cover scans. More later.

Friday, June 15, 2012

The New Adventures of The Eagle

The New Adventures of The Eagle (Spy Thriller)
By Various Authors
ISBN #978-1477577653
Pro Se Press www.prosepulp.com
186 Pages
Price $12.00
Rating 3 Stars

The Eagle originated in the pulp magazines during the 1940s, and featured American G-2 spy, Jeff Shannon, known to the world of espionage as The Eagle. This volume contains six brand new adventures of the characters by new pulp writers.

“Lights! Camera! Sabotage!” by Bobby Nash is a simple plot involving sabotage of secret military installations conducting classified experiments. The sabotage occurs during the filming of a movie studio nearby, and one of the members is suspected of being a spy. Naturally they call The Eagle back from Europe to handle the case (?).

Well written and interesting, but weak. Anyone could have uncovered the spy, even a Hollywood detective. The author uses a lot of popular phrases that add nothing to the story in my opinion. Although, Nazis are mentioned, and it’s obvious the story takes place during WWII, one of the actresses is wearing a bikini. Bikinis were not introduced until 1946, so I may be wrong about the time period. I won’t even discuss The Eagle’s escape from a locked room filled with gasoline fumes (from barrels of petrol) by exploding small charges against the door! But a fun read, nevertheless.

“A Black Friday In Australia” by Lee Houston, Jr. In 1939 The Eagle is sent to Australia by request of their government, but while en route, he discovers an Axis agent on board the ship and uncovers a dangerous plot. Germany has set up Safe Harbor in Australia, where their ships and submarines can dock for refuel and supplies. The Eagle is captured, but a huge brush fire is spreading over this part of Australia, and the Germans have to abandon the Site as the fire approaches. Jeff Shannon is left to die, but escapes and trails them on a motorcycle. The fire eventually catches everyone but The Eagle.

Well written, but a one-dimensional plot, and with characters you don’t really care for. The author relies on an actual event – the brush fire of 1939 that destroyed so much area of Australia. Still, a fun read, even with the minor faults.

“The Melting Skin” by Ashley Mangin.  The basic plot has to do with Germany inventing a radio wave that melts the skin. But this is a ruse, as an American gangster intends to steal plans from England’s work on the atomic bomb. The Eagle rushes from an America beach to England to France, to Germany – in the matter of paragraphs, then returns to England with his report, but discovers that the enemy has been aware of his every move. He had really been set up, so now it’s back to France and Germany to catch a couple double agents, and back to France once more; then he returns to America to pick up two friends to help him catch the gangster, and then ends up back at the beach.

The plot was terrible, and badly executed. There was really no “interesting” action to keep a reader involved. I had trouble getting through the story.

“Fire From The Skies” by R. P. Steeves. A scientist has been kidnapped in Greece. He was working on a super weapon Germany wanted. Obtaining his papers, no one could interpret them, so they hoped to use his old love as a threat against him. Jeff Shannon, aided by his secretary (?) Joan, and a Greek named Rico go after the kidnapper who has the scientist, hoping to stop him before they can take him to Germany. There’s quite a bit of action, but The Eagle is never in any real danger. Regardless of the plot, this seems to be a minor entry, just moving from one action scene to the next. But the author definitely keeps the action moving.

“The Coming Storm” by Teel James Glenn.  In the U.S., the Brown Shirts have kidnapped a scientist and holding him in nearby Camp Nordland in Sussec County, New Jersey. The FBI has sent in agents, but they were lost, feared murdered by the Bund. They request from G-2 America’s greatest spy, The Eagle.  Jeff Shannon had once been an amateur magician, and the Bund is seeking entertainers, which the FBI feels will be a way to get The Eagle in their camp.

This was a gem of a story. It had a real plot, real characterization, and good dialogue.  The story is set in September 1938, and the hurricane of September 21st, known as the Long Island Express, plays a part in the final scene. Jeff is assisted by an ex boxer named “Lefty” Kovaks (wonder why there’s never a “Righty?), who felt he owes his life to the super spy. This is a great read by a writer who knows pulp fiction.

“Island of Deceit” by Nick Ahlhelm. Germans have infiltrated a Marine base in the Philippines, with plan to destroy this strategic American military installation, allowing their Japanese allies to take over the island. But C.I.A. agent (what happened to G-2?) Jeff Shannon, The Eagle is on the job.
This was another hard story to get through. Basically, the plot was interesting, but the author lacked the writing ability to pull it off.

I actually wanted to give this a 4-Star rating, but though some of the stories were readable, there was only one that really deserved high ranking. A couple should not have been included in the book. I even have to wonder if any of the writers of this volume ever read an original Eagle story? It is worth reading, if you have a few hours to kill. 

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

City of Brotherly Death Press Release

City of Brotherly Death
Vampires, Revenants, and Zombies from Philadelphia
PROMO: NEW Release City of Brotherly Death by Barbara Custer available NOW at Night to Dawn Magazine & Books!! PG 13

The train is ready to leave. Are you prepared to tour Custer’s Philadelphia, a city overrun by vampires, revenants, and zombies? William Penn would be turning in his grave if he realized what had become of his beloved city.

William Penn never suspected that his beloved Philadelphia would turn into the city of brotherly death. But that’s what’s happening in Philadelphia and other major cities. And it’s only going to get worse. The dead are coming—revenants, vampires, and zombies—people who have scores to settle with the living. So padlock your doors and pack up your guns and survival gear. If the dead passed because their funds, administrators, or heartless caregivers prohibited lifesaving treatment, they will come back seeking revenge. Their anger makes them hungry for flesh. So very hungry. Even vampires won’t be immune to the terrors of revenants and zombies. The collection of 12 tales will keep you awake at night and make you wonder if you’ll ever be safe again.
City of Brotherly Death by Barbara Custer
Night to Dawn Magazine & Books
ISBN: 978-1-937769-15-4 (print)
ISBN: 978-1-937769-16-1 (EBook)

Stop by Night to Dawn Magazine & Books today and check out our magazine and assortment of horror/sci-fi/thriller novels by different authors.