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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Kiss For A Killer

Honey West #6: “Kiss For A Killer” by G.G.  Fickling. When football star Rip Spensor is found murdered, and there’s a picture of Honey West in a frame by his bed, Lt. Mark Storm wants to know what Honey has to do with the case. There’s also a lead to Thom Tunny’s nudist cult. No sooner does the story get off the ground than a deadly species of tarantulas have been dumped into her car – and lap, then she’s ran off the road by a nude driver – a hunk of a man, and Honey is hired by Tummy’s cult to investigate the murder. Then there’s the Academy Award winning actress tied in with the dead man and the nude cult, and Honey gets knocked over the head. All before Page 50. And it doesn’t stop there. Honey is captured, tied, threatened with torture and rape, and even forced off a cliff. The action doesn’t stop. Not to mention she keeps waking up with murdered people. This was a fun read from the start to finish.

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