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Friday, July 29, 2016

Collector's Guide To Trading Cards

COLLECTOR’S GUIDE TO TRADING CARDS by Robert Reed, and published by CB (Collector’s Books) in 1993. This 8.5 x 11 paperback has a brief history of Trading Cards up to its publication date. It concentrates on non-sports trading cards. There is also a listing of Trading Card companies, and their cards, along with a value guide at that time. Fully illustrated with at least one card from each series (where possible), dates and number of cards in sets. Although a wonderful guide for the collector, it is out of date now. Like comic books, prices quickly jump up after the release of each new set. TV card sets, movie card sets, comic book card sets, famous people card sets, wild life card sets, etc., etc. All are fun to collect and own. I have about 4,000 cards. Some individual cards, especially from WWII, like the Hitler card, are worth many thousands of dollars. So start up collectors should aim for sets that fit their budget. You might want to purchase a book that is more current, but this one is definitely worth a read   

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