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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

The Kill Squad

The Terminator #3: “The Kill Squad” by John Quinn (Dennis Rodriquez?). A kill squad was formed by the CIA, under a Libyan deal, to assassinate President Reagan. The team was set up in Arkansas as a survivalist group, using local men as paramilitary to guard the compound. While waiting for orders to move on the president, the team take on jobs as assassins for hire, as well as stealing millions of dollars worth of merchandise and storing it for future profit. A reporter and possible CIA agent have infiltrated the group to keep an eye on them. When it’s decided to abandon the mission, the reporter and agent are killed, and assassins sent to kill everyone they may have contacted. Gavin, an ex-agent of the government’s Terminator unit is brought in by the reporter’s sister before she’s killed. Following leads he eventually gets to Arkansas. In the meantime everyone connected to the reporter and the agent, and other innocents, are murdered before Gavin decides to take action. Yes, he eventually enters the compound with an Uzi and takes out all the assassins still left. It would have been a better story if some of the innocent people had actually survived, or he had arrived to save one or two. As it is, the assassins kill and rape everyone. I don’t doubt the series had such a short life. Still, this was an easy read in just a couple of hours.


  1. Not really my favorite Men's Adventure Series.

  2. Yeah, he doesn't save anyone. He's good when it comes to the final action, but until then he just struggles along, kind of reminded me of the cartoon dog, Droopy. LOL