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Monday, April 3, 2017

Gundown At Golden Gate

Six-Gun Samurai #3: “Gundown At Golden Gate” by Patrick Lee (William Fieldhouse). Thomas James Fletcher joined the Navy as a young boy, but while in Japan he is alone and struggling to survive when a powerful Samurai takes him under his wing. For the next twenty years he is trained as a Samurai. A letter from home tells him of the problems plaguing his family in Georgia, and he returns to seek vengeance upon Colonel Edward Hollister, the leader of a renegade commander and his troops, raiding and pillaging, killing and raping. As an American, raised in the land of the Shogun and trained as a warrior knight in Japan, he’s now known as Tanaka Tom Fletcher and bound by the Samurai code of the Bushido to a bloody vendetta against the Yankee marauders who slaughtered his family in Georgia. He must carry out his mission to its ultimate conclusion – the destruction of his enemies or himself. This is the basic premise of the backstory and series. In this current story Tanaka Tom Fletcher’s quest for vengeance has led him to San Francisco, where an agent of his archenemy, Colonel Hollister, is running for mayor of the great city. Tanaka Tom intends to terminate his campaign. However, there is a violent power struggle between the forces of the corrupt politicians and the ruthless blue dragon tong society, and Fletcher finds himself in the middle of two warring factions – and both sides want him dead. This is a silly plot for a western series, but good writing for the most part. Don’t expect much characterization, but there is plenty of action.


  1. Possibly the best book in the series.

  2. Better than the other one I read in the series.