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Friday, April 21, 2017

Assignment Lili Lamaris

Sam Durell #10: “Assignment Lili Lamaris by Edward S. Aarons. In Europe there is a spy ring and moneyman, supplying funds to train enemy agents. Sam is sent to Rome to find Mitch Martin, and American gangster who has supposedly stolen the heart of a young ballerina, the daughter of a rich shipping magnate. Martin supposedly wants to be connected to Lili Lamaris’ father and his power. Plus, Martin may already be connected to the soy and money ring Durell is trying to find, so he must capture the elusive gangster while protecting Lili Lamaris. Well, this was a typical Sam Durell action novel, but one I had trouble believing. I knew where it was headed, but it didn’t make any sense. Aarons takes a simple plot and tries to twist the ending, but it fell flat on its face, as far as I was concerned. The story and action were good, as was the plot. It’s the twist I didn’t buy.

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