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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Secret Mission: Corsica

Secret Mission #3: “Corsica” by Don Smith. Phil Sherman is in Bairut waiting for a plane to Paris when he meets Maximilian Mortimer, an American narcotics agent working out of France. When Mortimer learns that Sherman has in electronics export business in Paris, he enlists his help in discovering secrets in transporting, which could explain how heroin is being brought into France from China, and then shipped to America. Sherman becomes friends with one of the suspects, Louis Ricard, and unravels the mystery, but nearly losing his life doing so. Typical of the series, with Sherman’s connection to the export business, he’s pulled into secret missions by the government officials – usually the CIA, and he is thrown into deadly confrontation with men who would kill him without second thoughts. As usual, a fun read also.

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