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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Little Dragon From Peking

Anna Zordan #2: “Little Dragon From Peking” by James Eastwood. In this second story, Anna has been requested to attend a party by the “family”; a ruthless family that came out of Nazi Germany and now control a vast estate and power. The matriarch is old and dying, but wants one more successful achievement before her death; one that could mean a massive loss of life in Europe followed by another World War. Anna is recruited to assist in the scheme, and all she knows is the code, Little Dragon, which Peking is sending. In fact, she is sent to meet the Little Dragon, and be a part of the final plans of the old woman. This was a better novel than the first issue, and we see much more of Anna Zordan, and appreciate her ability as a British secret agent. Lots of fun.

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