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Tuesday, November 20, 2018

To Even The Odds

The Equalizer #2: “To Even The Odds” by David Deutsch. Based on the television episodes “The Defector” and “Back Home”. In “The Defector” McCall is helping a minor Russian Trade Attaché to defect when Control’s man on the scene messes up and the defector is killed. Now, it’s up to McCall to protect the man’s daughter, and assist her in defecting. Control’s man is back on the case, and The Equalizer must make sure nothing goes wrong this time. McCall is also helping a young schoolboy learn to defend himself against a gang of boys. In “Back Home” elderly people in a tenement building are being forced out of their rentals by their landlord. Tough hoodlums are placed in the building with a mean dog to frighten them. McCall brings in tough Irishman, George Cook to protect them while he digs into the landlord’s background and dealings. Although I’ve seen all the episodes, it was still fun reading the book   

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