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Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Six Gun Angel

Angel Eyes #7: “Six Gun Angel” by W. B. Longley (Robert J. Randisi). Six cowboys attack Liz Archer on the trail. Attempting to outrun them, her horse stumbles and falls, knocking her unconscious. When she awakes her money and saddlebags are gone. Walking her horse until it can get its legs back under it, she comes upon a man tied to a post, severely tortured. From behind her a shot creases her scalp and she drops unconscious again. This time her horse has been shot, too. She hears wagons coming up the road, which must have run her assailant off. It a travelling Wild West Show and Liz decides to join them until her horse heals. Now another mystery surfaces. The tortured man was a member of the travelling show, and Liz discovers that banks have been robbed along their route, and someone with the show may know where the bank loot is. This was an outstanding plot for an old west yarn, only marred by the numerous sex scenes to make this an adult western. A female gunfighter faster than the men she faces. I wish the author would rewrite these some day, leaving the sex out. The stories would make a good series.

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