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Monday, February 6, 2017

The Skin Swindle

Ninja Master #7: “The Skin Swindle” by Wade Barker (Unknown). Brett Hartley reads a newspaper article about pornography in Los Angeles, and the mysterious Porn King that runs the network of smut films and kiddie porn, and decides he wants to put a stop to it. He brings his pal, Jeff Archer with him from San Francisco, and he sets up a meeting with the reporter, Samantha Loring to get inside information, pretending to be a reporter from Japan. The story is long and boring, the first 75 pages is nothing but the set up, describing child pornography, and is so badly written I wonder how it was ever considered for publication. 7 to 10-year-old kids talk like children one minute and adults the next. But, then, pornography does sale, and that’s basically all this was. We do see some martial arts later on, but it was laughable, and I’m still wondering why Jeff Archer was included. He never did anything right. Maybe he was just there to show how good Brett Hartley is? This isn’t worth reading, so save your money. It should have been titled The Book Swindle.

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