Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Death Is My Shadow

Death Is My Shadow by Edward S. Aarons:  Pete Byrum is home after being called up for Naval maneuvers for six months. His partner in The Pelican, a club and casino they own in Oswanda, Louisiana, has been arrested for murder, and the syndicate’s man, Alden Thayer, is now running the casino. Pete wants the club back, but the syndicate now controls the town, the sheriff, and his lawyer, and the deck is stacked against him. Pete Helps his partner escape jail when he discovers the man he’s suspected of murdering is really alive. Now Pete is wanted for the man’s murder, while his partner runs away with Thayer’s wife and the syndicate’s money. This was really a good story, and had all the backstory for what would eventually be Aarons’ later Assignment spy series, featuring Sam Durell.

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