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Sunday, September 6, 2015

The Death Merchant

The Death Merchant #1: “The Death Merchant” by Joseph Rosenberger. Richard Camellion, known as The Death Merchant, works for the Chicago mob boss, Capo Big Tony.  When the FBI arrests James “Fats” Regolanto, Big Tony is afraid he will talk to save his own skin. It’s time for his hit man, The Death Merchant to find where the Feds are keeping Fats, and kill him. But there’s a leak in Big Tony’s family, and the Feds are out to get Camellion at all costs. I’ve read a few later issues in this series, and was expecting this to be much more violent than it was. In the future stories, The Death Merchant is killing from page number one, but in this story we’re almost to page 50 before he starts killing. Yes, after he starts, the killing is very violent. In this one, too, we see Camellion’s thoughts about the inequality among races, and how much racial prejudice there is. But I believe he becomes more a racist in the later stories, though I may be wrong. Still, this is probably the tamer book of the series. Since I collect the first issue in every series, this book was necessary for my collection, and the only issue I will keep. I will also be using this Blog to post small reviews of Aggressor novels as I read them, so if you like the men's action books join the Blog for future reads.

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