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Wednesday, April 1, 2015


From the MUFON Archives

by Norm Gagnon
STAR Team Field Investigator, Virginia
CASE # 34904

Investigator:  Norman Gagnon - MUFON ID# 10061, STAR Field Investigator
Location: Partlow, Virginia   
County: Spotsylvania
Date of Event: January 3, 2012.
Time of Event: 6:45 p.m., Eastern Time

Husband and wife witnessed bright, circular light over their property and they pursued the moving UAP with their car.  

This case consists of elements of high strangeness.
UFO News
By Roger Marsh

Florida Witness Says UFO Cloaked Itself

A Florida witness at St. Augustine recalled events from 2013 when a "large, black, boomerang craft with five large, glowing lights" silently moved overhead and disappeared as though it cloaked itself, according to testimony in Case 64134 from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.

Pennsylvania Witness Says UFO was 'Star Trek' Shimmery

A Pennsylvania witness at Palmyra reported watching a large, black, V-shaped UFO that appeared "shimmery" in the night sky, according to testimony in Case 64079 from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.

My UFO Story
by  Cassidy Nicholas

The winter in New York's south-western region was particularly hostile this year.  The brutal negative temperatures brought its inhabitants to a screeching halt.  I spent very little time outside this year.  So my sighting was completely by chance, and at the time I giggled to myself as I saw something that I have studied and assessed for some time, never planning to see one of my own. 

UFOs Over Pittsburgh

John Venture, Fred Saluga and Terry Ray, discuss orange orb sightings.


Illustration by D. Ran
with Minnesota State Director
Craig Lang
This issue of the Journal profiles Craig Lang from Coon Rapids, Minnesota. Craig is the MUFON  State Director, Field Investigator and certified hypnotherapist and also a prominent member of MUFON's "ERT " program - Experiencer Research Team formerly know as "ART" Abduction Research Team. They help and council witnesses and experiencers who are dealing with the abduction phenomenon. After a very successful career as an electrical and software engineer, developing everything from pace makers to avionics, Craig retired from corporate America and jumped into business as a hypnotherapist and entrepreneur.

Journal: Before we get into the serious part of the interview, I'd like to discuss an experiment you did as a kid. On the phone, you mentioned that growing up in Madison, Wisconsin, you were a self-professed "science geek" with heroes like Jacques Cousteau, J. Allen Hynek and Wernher Von Braun. Your hobbies included building rockets and studying space exploration. In fact, at age 11, you tried to build a UFO detector from a magazine article written by Jacques Vallee...how did that turn out?

Field Investigator's Toolbox                                    
by Southern California State Director Jeff Krause
All of us have come to rely on a level of technology in our day-to-day lives. From our laptops and tablets, to our cell phones that never leave our side, we are connected in ways that were not possible a hundred years ago. Yet, some of the greatest feats of navigation took place years, if not centuries before any of these things were invented. If all of our technology was suddenly shut off, who would know what to do "the old fashioned way"?

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Sneak Peak
Sneak Peak

The Mutual UFO Network is pleased to announce that "Hangar 1: The UFO Files" is leaving History's H2 channel - and our second season will premiere on The History Channel. The decision will more than triple our audience - to 1.5 million or more viewers per episode. With the network change, the premiere episode of Season 2 will air at 10 p.m. ETFriday, April 10. Please join me in congratulating everyone at MUFON involved in the series.

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