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Friday, September 12, 2014

Radio Archives

September 12, 2014
Conceived originally as a program to push the boundaries of network radio, Columbia Workshop became a stage for innovation in production, but also a voice for writers and actors, a voice that America listened to and can now be heard on Columbia Workshop, Volume 3 from Radio Archives.

Although it debuted in 1936, Columbia Workshop found its true stride in 1937 both as an innovator in radio production, but also in the quality of work it was producing. Overcoming a belief that production was more important than the play, Columbia Workshop began focusing on turning quality scripts into quality episodes. Being a CBS show, the program definitely had access to directors and writers to do just that.

In 1937, Columbia Workshop presented The Fall of the City by Archibald MacLeish. Both the extremely intricate production of this program as well as its message rung true with listeners and proved that radio drama could indeed be effective and brought something different than its stage and film counterparts. From this point forward, Columbia Workshop became a platform for socially conscious productions and led to the success of one of radio’s greatest writers, Norman Corwin.

CBS received over 7,000 plays a year while Columbia Workshop was in production. This meant that nearly every director at least once was involved with this program, contributing to the innovations as well as the groundbreaking plays that were featured every week. Columbia Workshop, Volume 3 from Radio Archives collects classic episodes of this truly historic program and is now available in Sparkling audio quality! 7 hours. $10.49 Download / $20.98 Audio CDs
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“Crime does not pay...” 
 Rio Grande Gasoline featured “Calling All Cars” prominently in their many promotional materials.Those four simple words sum up the basic philosophy behind “Calling All Cars”, a popular crime drama heard over CBS Pacific Network stations from November 29, 1933 to September 8, 1939. In these dramatizations, the point was driven home time and time again that a life of a crime was a life wasted -- and anyone venturing off the straight-and-narrow was fated to meet a sad and sorry end. 
Radio, too, played a part in stemming the tide against crime - and never more so than in “Calling All Cars”, one of the earliest and most durable police procedural shows. Dramatizing true crime exploits, and introduced by real-life law enforcement officials, “Calling All Cars” offered listeners the gritty details of criminal activities in true “ripped from the headlines” style. Led by writer/director William N. Robson - later to become the well-respected director of such series as “Big Town”, “The Man Behind the Gun”, and “Escape” - “Cars” offered listeners the audio equivalent of a Warner Brothers crime drama, complete with driving musical themes, car chases, low-life gunmen, high-crime bosses, gum-chewing molls, frightened victims, and criminal cases that often hit close to home, particularly if you lived in Los Angeles where the series was produced. Kidnappings, petty thefts, prison breaks, bunco schemes...all were raw materials for the creators of each show and details of all these crimes and more were used as the basis for the realistic dramas being presented. 
The narrator of the program was Charles Frederick Lindsley, a speech professor and radio announcer whose precise diction and enunciation put the real-life professionals appearing on the show to shame; the only other regular heard each week was real-life L.A.P.D. dispatcher Jesse Rosenquist, whose unique voice and name became the show’s trademark, contributing to the American lexicon both the program’s title and the now time-honored phrase “that is all”, ensuring his stay for the show’s entire run. Like many radio programs of the period, none of the other actors on the series ever received on-air credit, but sharp-eared radio fans can hear the likes of Elvia Allman, Charles Bickford, Gale Gordon, John Gibson, Richard LeGrand and Hanley Stafford, to name just a few. 
Radio enthusiasts might also notice that “Calling All Cars” acted as sort of a blueprint for a later police procedural series that emphasized the painstaking work and day-to-day detail involved in tracking down the criminal element, that program being none other than the celebrated “Dragnet”, which was brought to audiences by actor-producer Jack Webb in June 1949. “Cars” even has a jaunty opening theme reminiscent of Walter Schumann’s “Dragnet March.” 
The program’s long-time sponsor was the Rio Grande Oil Company and, in fact, the show itself ran only in those areas where their patented brand of “cracked” gasoline and “Pennsylvania” lube was sold. Because the program was also sent via transcription to Southwestern markets served by Rio Grande but beyond the reach of CBS’ West Coast stations, a whopping 299 of the 302 programs that were originally broadcast have more or less survived the ravages of time and are extant today - including the twenty half-hour episodes in this collection, newly restored and remastered from the original transcription recordings by Radio Archives. 10 hours. Regular Price $29.98 - Specially priced until September 25 for $7.49 Download / $14.99 Audio CDs
Will Murray's Pulp Classics #56
by Kendell Foster Crossen writing as Richard Foster
Read by James C. Lewis. Liner Notes by Will Murray
For our fifth Green Lama audiobook, we continue with our chronological readings from his classified casebook. As it happens, two of his most mystifying adventures have come around to make this a strangely satisfying listening experience. 

The Case of the Mad Magi was first printed in the February, 1941 issue of Munsey’s Double Detective pulp magazineHere, author Kendell Foster Crossen exploits one of his personal areas of expertise, the exciting world of the progressional magician. These were the halcyon days of Blackstone and Dunninger. Crossen was himself an amateur magician and close friends with several like-minded others, including Walter B. Gibson and Clayton Rawson, creators of The Shadow and The Scarlet Wizard, respectively, both of whom are mentioned in this superb story.

Here, The Green Lama pits his wits against an unknown magician of crime, backed up by his ever-shifting team of ordinary citizens plucked from all walks of life to assist in his investigations. What results is a riveting expose of the magical life, filled with behind-the-scenes secrets, but also packed with high drama.

In past cases, Jethro Dumont, the daring American who journeyed to Tibet only to return to the U. S. as a Buddhist priest dedicated to eradicating evil and suffering––not necessarily in that order––found himself in Hollywood, delving into crimes among the stars of the Silver Screen. Here, in The Case of the Vanishing Ships Lieutenant Caraway summons him to a different Hollywood to investigate a rash of passenger liners which are going missing off the Florida coast. Vanished without any trace of passengers, crew or even floating wreckage. Is this the work of Axis U-boats, Caribbean pirates, savage criminals––or something even more malevolent? Ken Crossen brings to bear his deep knowledge of magical misdirection to pull off a plot as audacious as a stage illusionist making a full-grown elephant vanish!

Follow the Green Lama as he pursues the bewildering clues to a shocking revelation.

This astonishing audiobook is read by James C. Lewis, who essays the triple role of Jethro Dumont and his jade-colored aliases, Reverend Dr. Pali and The Green Lama....Om Mani Padme Hum! The Green Lama Knows! 6 hours $11.99 Download / $23.98 Audio CDs

Will Murray's Pulp Classics #57
by Norvell W. Page writing as Grant Stockbridge
Read by Nick Santa Maria. Liner Notes by Will Murray
During the difficult decade encompassed by the years 1933-43, a commanding figure blazed his way through a legion of Depression-era supercriminals, Nazi spies and saboteurs. He was wealthy criminologist Richard Wentworth. He was also secretly The Spider!

Never before or since has there been a hero like him. Driven, hunted, and violently committed to exterminating criminals of all calibers. A self-appointed savior of humanity, driven manic-depressive, and possibly undiagnosed paranoid schizophrenic, The Spider was known as the Master of Men.

For this latest release in our Will Murray Pulp Classics series of audiobooks, we asked our customers to pick their favorite Spider novel for recording. Many stories were nominated, but none outpolled any other. We did discover that most of you wanted to hear brought to life one of Norvell Page’s epic tales pitting the Master of Men against a villain in the vein of Fu Manchu, Dr. Yen Sin or Marvel Comics’ the Mandarin.

So we selected The Red Death Rain, the first of these white-hot face offs, wherein a malevolent mastermind has poisoned all of the liquor, cigarettes and coffee available to Manhattan. His name: The Red Mandarin. It’s well known that Marvel Comics’ writer Stan Lee was a faithful follower of The Spider magazine during his Depression youth. Could Lee have been thinking of this story when he created the Iron Man villain known as the Mandarin? You decide.

First printed in the December, 1934 issue of The Spider, The Red Death Rain is a thrill ride from start to finish, and boasts the most electrifying final scene in any of Page’s thrilling works. Many consider it the most unforgettable novel of the entire series.

Once more, Nick Santa Maria brings the action to vibrant life, narrating with a fever-pitch intensity worthy of the bloody pulps. Also included is an exciting short story by Arthur Leo Zagat, “Doc Turner’s Murder Mask,” read by Roy Worley. 6 hours $11.99 Download / $23.98 Audio CDs

Robert Weinberg Presents
Read by Melodee M. Spevack
Sunglasses After Dark, by award-winning author Nancy A. Collins, tells the story of Sonja Blue, a punk female vampire searching for the man who made her one of the undead, and her battle to overcome her very real inner demon in time to rescue an innocent man from the clutches of an unholy faith healer.
While in London, American heiress Denise Thorne disappears from a nightclub, never to be seen again. On that very same night Sonja Blue, a tough-as-nails vampire hunter-slayer, conceived in terror and born of blood, rises from the city's gutters. Saved by modern medicine before she completed her transformation into one of the undead, she becomes a living vampire, determined to fight for what remains of her humanity.
Sonja Blue travels the globe, hunting down and disposing of the shadowy creatures that prey on the innocent while searching for the vampire who created her. But as dangerous as hunting vampires may be, it's nothing compared to the threat posed by The Other, the demonic personality Sonja is locked in constant battle with for control of their shared body.
Acknowledged as one of the first Urban Fantasy novels, Sunglasses After Dark has garnered wide-spread critical praise and won the Horror Writers Association's coveted Bram Stoker Award, as well as the British Fantasy Society's Icarus Award.
Out of print for several years, the Radio Archives edition of Sunglasses After Dark uses the new edition of this novel, which has been extensively revised and edited by the author. It is considered to be the preferred text. 9 hours $17.99 Download / $35.98 Audio CDs
Robert Weinberg's Photo Gallery
Bob and Frank Belknap Long.

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The Spider #100 January 1942 Death and The Spider
“When Death walks the earth like a man,” said Mar-lar-delan, ancient lama of Tibet, to Richard Wentworth, “you, my son — will die!” And truly, the forces of evil combined to overwhelm society — led by a man called... Death!... while the Spider, already declared to be a corpse, sought to prove that only the dying could defeat the King of the Dead! Another epic exploit of America’s best-loved pulp-fiction character of the 1930s and 1940s: The Spider — Master of Men! Richard Wentworth — the dread Spider, nemesis of the Underworld, lone wolf anti-crime crusader who always fights in that grim no-man’s land between Law and lawless — returns in vintage pulp tales of the Spider, reissued for today’s readers in electronic format.. $2.99.

Dime Mystery Magazine Henry Treat Sperry
In 1934 a new type of magazine was born. Known by various names — the shudder pulps, mystery-terror magazines, horror-terror magazines — weird menace is the sub-genre term that has survived today. Dime Mystery Magazine was one of the most popular. It came from Popular Publications, whose publisher Harry Steeger was inspired by the Grand Guignol theater of Paris. This breed of pulp story survived less than ten years, but in that time, they became infamous, even to this day. This ebook contains a collection of stories from the pages of Dime Mystery Magazine, all written by Henry Treat Sperry, reissued for today’s readers in electronic format. $2.99.

Battle Birds #45 April 1945 Doom for the Hawks of Nippon
Beginning in 1932, Battle Birds brought readers a thrilling main story, referred to as a “novel”, that featured a rotating cast of main characters like The Three Mosquitoes and Smoke Wade. After nineteen issues, just over a year and a half after its debut, the magazine began to feature the air adventures of Dusty Ayres, and the magazine became officially titled Dusty Ayres and his Battle Birds. This lasted until the summer of 1935 when the magazine folded after thirty-one issues. But Battle Birds wasn't finished; it would return. $2.99.
Dare-Devil Aces #73 April 1938 Make Way For Death!
Dare-Devil Aces was another of the many pulps that rode the wave of popularity of World War I aviation tales in the decade after the conflict. It made its debut in February 1932 and lasted for an astounding 135 issues. It finally closed after World War II ended, with the November 1946 issue. During its run, it presented a wide assortment of high-flying aerial series, including The Red Falcon, The Vanished Legion, The Three Mosquitoes, Molloy and McNamara, The Black Sheep of Belogue, The Mongol Ace, Chinese Brady, Captain Babyface, Smoke Wade and others. Strap on your flying helmet, toss that scarf about your neck and get ready for some soaring action in the skies over France and Germany during the Great War. Dare-Devil Aces return in vintage pulp tales, reissued for today’s readers in electronic format. $2.99.
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Doc Savage Double Novel ReprintsBooks by Will MurrayLost Radio Scripts bookDoc Savage Audiobooks
The pulp era's greatest superhero seeks the lost secrets of Atlantis in two action-packed novels by Lester Dent writing as "Kenneth Robeson." First, deep in the Amazon, Doc Savage is drawn into the weird mystery of "The Mental Wizard" in his quest for a lost kingdom and the incredible creature known only as "Z." Then, plunging into the Everglades the Man of Bronze races against Doctor Light and his Nazi agents in a desperate search for "The Secret of the Su." BONUS: Doc confronts "The Society Amazonia" and their murderous conspiracy to create a New World Order controlled by women, in a lost 1943 Doc Savage radio adventure by Edward Gruskin. PLUS: a NEW 16-page section with exclusive commentary by James Bama and art historian Brian M. Kane! This special variant edition leads off a spectacular James Bama painting and also features the original color pulp covers by Robert G. Harris and Modest Stein plus the original interior illustrations by Paul Orban, with historical commentary by Will Murray and Anthony Tollin. Double Novel Reprint $14.95
by Will Murray and Ryerson Johnson, writing as Kenneth Robeson, cover illustration by Joe DeVito
All over the Midwest, cars and trucks were crashing—stopped in their tracks by an inexplicable force! Had some unseen power targeted America’s automotive industry—or was something more sinister at stake?

Summoned to solve the mystery, Doc Savage and his intrepid men follow a trail of terror that winds through the continental United States like a constricting serpent of senseless destruction.
From the nation’s car capital to the North Pole, the Man of Bronze races to stave off a strangely familiar menace only to confront a completely unexpected foe—the enigmatic Baron in Black! Softcover $24.95
The Shadow
The Shadow Double Novel Reprints
Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? The Shadow knows! The Dark Avenger's skills as an escape artist are showcased in two thrilling 1937 pulp novels by Theodore Tinsley and Walter B. Gibson writing as "Maxwell Grant." First, The Shadow attempts to recover a stolen invention that could change the course of a future world war in "The Pooltex Tangle," a thrilling tale of espionage and escape. Then, in his true identity of Kent Allard, the Knight of Darkness attempts to stop the murderous plots of a serial killer in "Death Turrets," a masterpiece of misdirection! BONUS: Walter Gibson recalls his legendary mentor in "Memories of Houdini." This deluxe pulp reprint features a classic color pulp cover by George Rozen plus the only Shadow photo cover and the original interior illustrations by Tom Lovell and Edd Cartier with historical commentary by Will Murray. Double Novel Reprint $14.95
The Spider
The Spider Double Novel ReprintsThe Spider Double Novel ReprintsThe Spider Double Novel ReprintsThe Spider AudiobooksThe Spider Girasol ReplicasThe Spider eBooks
Commemorating the 80th anniversary of the Pulps' most bloodthirsty crimebuster, the Spider wages war on evildoers in his FIRST Sanctum edition, backed with the superb historical extras that are the hallmark of Sanctum Books! Hunted by police and marauding arsonists, Richard Wentworth dons his terrifying Spider guise for the first time as he battles to save New York from starvation manipulated by Red Mask and the Food Destroyers, in Norvell Page's landmark novel that revealed the origin of the Spider ring! Then, in a never-before-reprinted novel, a Prince of Evil collects tribute from the underworld for organized plundering. To end the reign of crime's new overlord, the Spider must subject himself to the Feast of the Scorpions, from which no one has ever escaped! This landmark pulp reprint features the original color covers by John Newton Howitt and Rafael DeSoto, John Fleming Gould's classic interior illustrations and new commentary by Will Murray. BONUS: Film historian Ed Hulse chronicles Columbia Pictures' 1939 chapterplay, The Spider's Web, "the serial that got it right!" Double Novel Reprint $14.95
The Pulps' most murderous crimefighter continues his deadly war on criminal conspiracies in two violent thrillers by Norvell Page writing as "Grant Stockbridge." First, "The Devil's Paymaster" deals torturous radioactive death, and only the Spider can restore honor to the Statue of Liberty! Then, Nita Van Sloan infiltrates the supposedly patriotic Benovolent Order of Americans, and a new Spider arises after Richard Wentworth is shot in the back in "The Benevolent Order of Death"! This double novel pulp reprint features the original color covers by Rafael DeSoto, John Fleming Gould's classic interior illustrations and new commentary by Will Murray. BONUS: The untold story of the first meeting of Richard Wentworth and Nita Van Sloan, written by Norvell Page for the Spider's most devoted fan, Virginia "Nanek" Combs! Double Novel Reprint $14.95
The Pulps' most violent crimebuster wages his uncompromising war on crime in THREE never-reprinted thrillers by Norvell Page writing as "Grant Stockbridge." First, crime's newest overlord, the Snake, revives Prohibition Era gangsterism in "Return of the Rackets King." Then, the Spider leaves his New York haunts to protect the nation's wartime resources when the vicious Flame King terrorizes a western oil town in "The Spider and the Flame-King"! BONUS: "Blood Bond," a rare Spider novelette by Norvell Page! This double novel pulp reprint features the original color covers by Rafael DeSoto, John Fleming Gould's classic interior illustrations and historical commentary by Will Murray. Double Novel Reprint $14.95
The pulps' most bloodthirsty crimebuster wages his deadly war on crime in the FIRST and LAST Spider novels by Norvell Page writing as "Grant Stockbridge." First, the Black Death secret society frames the Spider for a series of police murders and plots to depopulate Manhattan through the "Wings of the Black Death." Then, the Conqueror's takeover of a big city is only the prelude to planned state, nation and world domination in the story "When Satan Came to Town"! This double novel pulp reprint showcases the original color covers by John Newton Howitt and Rafael DeSoto, John Fleming Gould's classic interior illustrations and historical commentary by Will Murray. Double Novel Reprint $14.95
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In the two-fisted tradition of Doc Savage, Captain John Fury and the crew of his super-ship The Whirlwind battle modern-day piracy in two thrilling novels by Laurence Donovan writing as "Wallace Brooker." First, after the law fails, Cap Fury follows a trail of vengeance to his brother's murderers in "The Red Heart Pearls." Then, "Black Daylight" strikes at high noon, enveloping thousands in terror and suffering, and propelling Cap Fury on an ur gent mission to Mexico's Sierra Madras. BONUS: An action-packed adventure of Sheridan Doome from the back pages of The Shadow Magazine! This double-novel special collector's edition showcases the original cover art by Lawrence Toney and interior illustrations by Harry Kirchner, plus historical commentary by Will MurrayDouble Novel Reprint $14.95
The premier detective hero returns in two intriguing pulp thrillers by Richard Wormser and T.C. McClary writing as "Nick Carter." First, the legendary American sleuth who predates Sherlock Holmes is reborn into the hard-boiled 1930s in "Marked for Death," the debut novel from the rare first issue of DOC SAVAGE's sister pulp! Then, what is the bizarre connection between an East Indian idol and the disappearance of a quarter-million dollars within a bank? Nick Carter needs all his sleuthing skills in the "The Impossible Theft" to uncover the truth. BONUS: Nick Carter confronts "The Strange Dr. Devolo" in the first radio script by THE SHADOW's Walter Gibson, plus a Golden Age comic book classic from SHADOW COMICS! This double-novel collector's edition includes both classic color pulp covers by Jerome Rozen, Amos Sewell's original interior illustrations and historical commentary by J. Randolph Cox, Will Murray and Anthony Tollin. Double Novel Reprint $14.95
America's premier detective hero returns in two action-packed pulp thrillers by John Chambliss and Thomas Calvert McClary plus two classic media tales by THE SHADOW's Walter Gibson! First, "Whispers of Death" undermine the construction of a New York power plant, leading the Master Detective into one of his strangest cases! Then, a cryptic call for help from the Khan of Iraghan summons Nick Carter from his New York headquarters through a winding maze of murder leading to the Florida Everglades as he follows the deadly "Trail of the Scorpion." BONUS: Nick Carter teams up with THE SHADOW in "Calling Nick Carter," a rare crossover from the Golden Age of Comics, and battles "The Voice of Crime" in a lost radio adventure by Walter B. Gibson! This double-novel special edition leads off with a haunting skeleton cover by renowned illustrator Jerome Rozen, and also features the original pulp interior art by Amos Sewell plus historical commentary by Will Murray and Anthony TollinDouble Novel Reprint $14.95
America's premier detective hero returns in action-packed pulp thrillers by ZORRO-creator Johnston McCulley and John Chambliss plus a classic Nick Carter radio script by BATMAN co-creator Bill Finger! First, the Master Detective's arch-nemesis (who predates Professor Moriarty) comes back to wage a battle to the death with Nick Carter in "Dr. Quartz Returns," "Nick Carter Corners Dr. Quartz" and "Nick Carter's Danger Trail," three classic 1926 adventures from the pages of Street & Smith's Detective Story Magazine by Johnston McCulley! Then, "The War-Makers" bring America to the brink of world war, and only Nick Carter can save his beloved nation! BONUS: Nick Carter solves a Chinatown murder in "The Case of the Chinese Motto Murder" by BATMAN co-creator Bill Finger. This special edition showcases the original color pulp covers by Jerome G. Rozen and John A. Coughlin, and also includes the original pulp interior art by Harry T. Fisk plus historical commentary by Will Murray, J. Randolph Cox and Anthony Tollin. Double Novel Reprint $14.95
The pulp era's longest-running supersleuth returns in his debut adventures by D'Arcy Champion writing as "G. Wayman Jones," reprinted for the first time in chronological series order! First, playboy Richard Curtis Van Loan becomes The Phantom to end the murderous reign of "The Emperor of Death" in his earliest recorded adventure! Then, The Phantom combats a mysterious Asian's sinister plot in "The Crime of Fu Kee Wong." BONUS: From Thrilling Comics #53, the first Phantom Detective comic book story by Flash and Justice Society artist E. E. Hibbard. This double-novel collector's edition showcases both classic color pulp covers by Bertram Glover and the original interior illustrations by comic-great Mel Graff, with historical commentary by popular culture historians Anthony Tollin and Michelle NolanDouble Novel Reprint $14.95
The double life of Police Commissioner James Gordon is revealed in a pair of two-fisted thrillers by Doc Savage ghost Lawrence Donovan writing as "Clifford Goodrich." First, Wildcat Gordon follows a trail of wholesale murder that begins with a prison break and leads to "The Satanic Seven." Then, The Whisperer must uncover the horrific mystery behind "The Lost Face Murders." BONUS: "Too Many Ghosts," a backstage adventure of Norgil the Magician by The Shadow's Maxwell Grant! This stunning collector's item showcases both original color pulp covers by Spider artist John Newton Howitt, the classic interior illustrations by Paul Orban and historical commentary by Will MurrayDouble Novel Reprint $14.95
Special John Brunner Issue! Weird Tales #304 is a special John Brunner issue, with 3 stories by Brunner and an interview. Also includes short fiction by Tanith Lee, Ramsey Campbell, S.P. Somtow, and many more. All artwork in this issue is by Featured Artist Jill Bauman. 132 pages. After the original magazine operation folded in 1954, there were several brief attempts to revive it — reprint anthologies in the ’60s, four new magazine issues in the ’70s, four original paperbacks in the early ’80s — before the resurrection finally achieved full-fledged afterlife under editor-publishers George H. Scithers, Darrell Schweitzer and John Gregory Betancourt. Beginning in 1988, Weird Tales has been published more or less continuously. These 25 year old magazines are Brand new and have never been read. Radio Archives is proud to have a large inventory so that everyone can have a copy of this great magazine. Magazine $9.95

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Thomas Kokenge writes:
It has been always easy to see that this has been much more than a simple job for you but, frankly I had no idea it was so involved. Half the fun of your website is reading about and listening to programs that I had no idea even existed. Jerry of Fair Oaks is a great example and don't even get me started on Fort Larame or Lower Basin Street.
I realize that OTR restoration is your main love but I gotta tell you that I am so glad that you are producting these pulp audio books. I just spent a very enjoyable hour of exercising with disc 2 of Captain Satan. I'm holding off on Flight Into Fear because after two chapters I wanted to save it for a while. It's that good. All of the pulp audio books have been top notch.
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