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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Doc Savage Magazine That Wasn't

Doc Savage: “The Sasquatch Terror” by Tom Johnson. In August, 1944, a young Canadian woman comes to New York to enlist the help of Doc and his crew in finding her missing father. It seems a legendary Sasquatch is terrorizing the Canadian woods, and it was seen in the area where her father mysteriously disappeared. Doc, Monk and Ham fly into Canada to discover a mystery plot, and high adventure.

This was originally written when rumors circulated that Moonstone might be publishing an anthology of Doc Savage short stories. But that was only a rumor, and it never came about. With no chance of the story ever being published, it remained strictly fan fiction. The late David Burton and I talked about the story, and what fun it would be to have a new magazine in the pulp tradition featuring Doc Savage. Our Fading Shadows magazines were publishing new pulp stories since 1995, and there are numerous Doc pastiches around – even a few fan fiction novels featuring the Bronze Man. David worked up a mock cover for a fictitious new magazine, which would feature Doc Savage in new short stories. It was a lot of fun, but had no real possibilities of ever being a reality. I thought it would be nice to at least share David’s proposed cover for the fans.

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