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Sunday, June 16, 2019

Introducing New Pulp Author Teel James Glenn

Introducing New Pulp Author, Teel James Glenn

Teel James Glenn: TJ is a man of many talents. Hewas born in Brooklyn New York and started out as a sickly kid until he discovered the likes of Judomaster comics and Doc Savage novels that set him on the road to the martial arts and physical development. Eventually he traveled the world for forty years as a stuntman, fight choreographer, sword-master, jouster, illustrator, storyteller, bodyguard, actor and haunted house barker. One of the things he’s proudest of is having studied stage sword under Errol Flynn’s last stunt double which he continues to teach.
He’s had stories in over a hundred magazines from Weird Tales, Spinetingler, SciFan, Mad, Fantasy Tales, to Sherlock Holmes Mystery SciFan, Sixgun Western, Crimson Streets, Silver Blade Quarterly, Tales of Old, AfterburnSF, and Blazing Adventures as well as tales in close to a hundred anthologies in many genres. His short story “The Clockwork Nutcracker” won best steampunk story for 2013 from Preditor and Editors poll. 

He is also the winner of the 2012 Pulp Ark Award for Best Author.
His Dr. Shadows and Maxie/Moxie series are both echoes of his pulp loving roots and continue to be popular.
Mr. Glenn worked regularly as an actor on Guiding Light and New York soaps alternately doing stunts or acting in over 300 episodes. He worked as an actor and stuntman (in a fight scene with Hawk) on the “Spenser for Hire TV Series and in episodes of the Equalizer.
His most famous ‘small screen’ appearance was as Vega in the worldwide web series “Street Fighter: The Later Years.” 
His website is: theurbanswashbuckler.com