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Wednesday, October 3, 2018

The Devil's Mirror

The Viking Cypher #5: “The Devil’s Mirror” by Rick Spencer. Big, muscular, handsome, bronzed, trained from age 14 in everything his uncle felt he needed, Eric Ivorsen may resemble Doc Savage, but he’s a mathematician, not a doctor. Flies planes, pilots boats, skis, climbs mountains, investigates caves, loves adventure. In this fifth and final novel he must use his high-tech talents to stop David Tallant, a power-hungry, charismatic anchorman from extending his control over the world with an innovative super-satellite. Croesus is again heading this attack on Viking Cypher, and targets Ivorson’s girlfriend, Maggie McCabe to bring the adventurer and Viking Cypher down. Sadly, following the fourth volume, this one was also slow and giving signs the series was coming to an end. Maybe the author was tiring of the series, or the publisher was. My copy is autographed to Peter and Clay from Rick Spencer, my guess is relatives of the author. A fun story, regardless.

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