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Monday, May 14, 2018

Angel, For Hire

Angel Eyes #9: “Angel, For Hire” by W. B. Longley (Robert J. Randisi). The final novel in the Angel Eyes series has Liz Archer and Tate signing up with Chris Tanner and a few hired guns to protect a little Mexican village at the mercy of bandits. Yes, a very similar plot to The Magnificent 7, but this time there’s only six professional guns, not 7. Plus, the town is all women, so there is plenty of sex distraction instead of working the plot, which was a shame. Also, there is lots of beer for the gunfighters. However, this is an adult western, so we have to expect all the sex. Spoiler alert so read no further if you don’t want to know the ending. This is the final novel, and Angel Eyes and Tate meet their end standing up to a small Mexican army. I don’t know if the author got tired of the series, or the publisher just didn’t want any more. Over all, it was a good series. It would have been even better as an old fashioned western featuring a female gunfighter and the sex left out.


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