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Thursday, April 26, 2018

The Moneta Papers

Jefferson Boone, Handyman #1: “The Moneta Papers” by Jon Messmann. The US Government was expecting a land deal in Italy. However, two messengers carrying papers for Dorrie Bannister to sign are murdered before they can get them to her. Charley Hopkins calls in Jefferson Boone to fix the deal since he is an old friend of Lady Bannister. But, as he soon learns, things aren’t what they seem. Dorrie Bannister is about to marry again, and her future husband may be against the deal. He, or someone, is controlling the Bannister woman, and trying to kill the Handyman before he can get the papers signed. This was the first novel I’ve read in the Handyman series, and I was totally surprised. It is well written, has an excellent plot, and good action. I even liked the character in this men’s action series, which is something in itself. There are the required sex scenes, of course, but the story certainly kept my interest.

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