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Friday, June 23, 2017

Calling Doctor Kill

The Enforcer #2: “Calling Doctor Kill” by Andrew Sugar.  Jason, a man dying from cancer had been saved with a clone’s body, but the body is only good for three months, so he needs a new body regularly to stay alive. The Institute provides that body, but Jason must be their Enforcer to earn each one. In this current story, Rosegold, the scientist that discovered the cloning process, has been kidnapped by the Syndicate and locked away in an escape proof asylum run by Doctor Guider. This time Jason’s new body is a clone of Doctor Douglas, a pathologist, who has been hired for the asylum. That will get him in, but how will Jason get out with Rosegold? Actually, not a bad plot, but there’s really not much to this adventure. The author is a little too winded in this yarn, and it could have used more action. But it was a fast read, and easily killed a couple of afternoons.

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