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Monday, May 29, 2017

Terror In Rio

The Private Army of Colonel Tobin #2: “Terror In Rio” by Alan Caillou. Brazil has hired Colonel Matthew Tobin’s private army to do what they haven’t been able to do, put a stop to Juan Xira’s revolution. The revolution has now become army size with tens of thousands of men and women, and their tactics are those of terrorists. Assassinations; hit and run murders, and deadly ambushes. Their own military is ineffective. Colonel Tobin brings in 120 fighting men, using military tactics capable to stopping Xira’s army of killers. Tobin’s command consist of Major Paul Tobin (the colonel’s son), Pamela Charles (aide de camp), Betty de Haas (maps), Major Rick Meyers, Major Bramble, and Captain Duyvel. Considered a men’s action novel, there is a difference. Most men’s action novels are primarily about sex and mass killing. Colonel Tobin is more military tactic, and well-written adventure, without the need of mass killing and sexual encounters every few pages. In other words, this series is more professional than mere mindless action we usually get in these series.


  1. I read this whole series as it appeared. Really liked it.

  2. Thanks, Bill. It looks like I'll be looking for the rest of the books, too. Well written and interesting reads.

  3. Alan Caillou also wrote a paperback spy series. Don't remember the lead character's name, but all the titles were "Assault on Somebody."

    He was also an actor & screenwriter. here is his Internet Movie DB entry:

    He has 80 acting credits (I remember him in "Hellfighters.") & 27 writing credits including 7 Man From Uncle episodes.

  4. Yes, I have all of those, a really great series.