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Sunday, November 6, 2016


Scorpio by Mike Roote (Leonore Fleischer): A movie novelization. Scorpio (Jean Laurier) has been contracted to kill his partner, Cross, by CIA Chief, McLeod. But Cross feels the heat, and knows it’s time to disappear. He sets up his exit, leaving his wife to follow when time is right. His Russian friend, Zharkov, hides him in Vienna, but it doesn’t take the CIA long to trail him. Plus, Russia wants Cross to come over to their side. Soon, there are too many trails to Cross, and Scorpio knows his every move. The story was terribly slow, but the characters kept the story interesting, even if there wasn’t a lot of action. Nor did I find any of the characters worth rooting for. Plus, there were deeper mysteries behind why the CIA wanted Cross eliminated. The story ends with an unexpected twist, though the reader by now is probably not interested. It was a fast and easy ready, however, and I like books that are quick reads.

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