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Monday, May 16, 2016

A Talent For Revenge

The Specialist #1: “A Talent For Revenge” by John Cutter (reported to be John Shirley). Either the author or the publisher didn’t know where they wanted to go with this series at first. The first two stories are different in that this one is international and deals with mercenaries working for an African leader trying to regain his power in Africa, and the second is a vigilante affair in New York. This current novel does hint at the plot of the second story. At one point The Specialist, Jack Sullivan, wipes out a Mafia stronghold in France and rescues several young Americans who were held for white slavery. He will go after the leaders of the white slavery gang in the second novel. But this novel is full of action, even if it seems a clone of all the other men’s action novels out there. Sullivan must assault a well-guarded mansion on a cliff to kill the African leader, at the same time rescuing a young rich girl who has fallen in love with The Specialist. Fairly good, but I liked the second issue in the series better.

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