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Thursday, March 10, 2016

The Night of Morningstar

Modesty Blaise #11: “The Night Of Morningstar” by Peter O’Donnell. The Watchmen are a mysterious group supposedly hiring out to terrorists for a price. Any job. But in truth they’re only pretending to be working for someone else. They have plans of their own. They are recruiting top killers into their group, and early own want Modesty Blaise and Willie Garvin, but one of their men has once worked for The Network and told the leaders that it would be a mistake to bring them in. So they decide to use them as part of the recruitment, assigning one of their recruits the task of taking out Modesty. When he fails, The Watchmen try to cover their ground making it look like Tarrant was the intended target. Later on, Willie stops two assassins from actually carrying out the hit on Tarrant. But unknown to Modesty, a friend from the CIA has become a recruit and she accidentally uncovers his identity to The Watchmen, which gets him killed. Now Modesty wants to bring The Watchmen down. This was another fine story. In fact, it begins during the period The Network is shutting down, and we get to meet all the heads, including The Graduate, who will play a part with The Watchmen. A good read, as usual, and lots of action.

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