Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Double Danger Tales

DOUBLE DANGER TALES: “Murder Under The Big Top” by Tom Johnson. Published by WILD CAT BOOKS in 2007, this book contains four stories featuring two characters, Doctor Satan and The Black Bat. With an Introduction by Tom, the stories are: “Symphony In Death Minor” by Wayne Skiver, featuring Doctor Satan; “The Prisoner” by Sean Ellis, featuring Doctor Satan; “Death Smiles Back” by Wayne Skiver, featuring The Black Bat; and “Murder Under The Big Top” by Tom Johnson, featuring The Black Bat. Front cover and interior illustrations by Rich Woodall (8 illios). This book is not available on Amazon, and is long out of print. I do have one copy left for $13.50, plus postage, if anyone is interested. I do have a French Canadian gentleman interested, but not sure if he’s going to buy the book or not.

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