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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

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       THE COMPLETE STORY OF THE WORLDWIDE                        INVASION OF THE ORANGE ORBS                 

This non-fiction investigative masterpiece was recently released by Sunbury Press in October 2014.  It constitutes the world's first in-depth investigation of the ongoing phenomenon of the ever-increasing number of orange orbs appearing in the Earth's skies around the world, including their landings, their bases of operation, and eye-witness reports of the cosmic visitors who are aboard these spacecrafts.
This book is destined to become the textbook for all UFO investigators in their study of orange orbs and a fascinating and sometimes scary eye-opener to the average reader.

                             TRUTH INSURRECTED

Will Truth Be Mighty and Prevail? 
When former FBI agent William Harrison begins receiving  mysterious postcards with the signature "Echo Tango," he's alerted to a cover-up beyond anything he ever thought possible. His informant turns out to be a guilt-ridden ex-operative in the Saint Mary Project, an ultra-secret program engaged in alien contact. The organization is wiping out loose ends, and Echo Tango thinks Harrison is the man he needs to stop it. Thanks to a gunshot wound suffered in an attempt to thwart an armed robbery, the crime-fighting life is something of Harrison's past. He keeps his shooting skills sharp but walks with a limp, and he is more likely to catch marital cheaters than anything else-as a private investigator. But Harrison can't shake the feeling that this case is meant for him. He enlists the help of colleagues and starts following the clues. However, hired guns stand between them and the truth. There are also alien-human hybrids to contend with, but that's not all. Harrison's investigation turns up a powerful secret about him and his family-a secret that may just be what lets him end these unimaginable crimes. Will Harrison survive and reveal the truth? Find out in Daniel P. Douglas's thrilling UFO conspiracy novel.



                           UFOs OVER PENNSYLVANIA

Follow the rich history of UFOs over Pennsylvania as the 
states MUFON state director chronicles the rich history of cases in PA from Kecksburg to Presque Island to Carbondale to the 1973 and 2008 UFO waves to numerous police witnesses that have come forward. The second half of the book contains chapters written by 14 prominent authors in the field including Bill Birnes, Linda Moulton Howe, Philip Mantle, Richard Hall, Stan Gordon, Paul Stonehill, Carl Feindt, Scotty Roberts, Richard Lang and others.




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