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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

MUFON Sightings

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   On January 26, 2014 two UFO sightings occurred in the Spokane Valley in the Eastern part of the State of Washington.

A video was taken of a bright object that dropped another object. This object was sighted to the South. the exact time is not known but believed to have occurred between 6:10 and 6:45 PM PST. This was reported to MUFON as case #53762 the following day.
Another sighting was reported at 6:15 PM PST. 
This sighting location was about one mile SE of where the video was taken.  The witness at the second location saw a large orange light to the East of their location. They viewed the light through binoculars. this sighting was reported to UFOS Northwest.

At the request of the Washington State Director for MUFON, I requested radar data from the FAA for the local spokane Airport and the U.S. Air Force. Data was received from the FAA about one month after the request was made. The U.S. Air Force denied my request for data. 

The radar data received was somewhat unusual in that much of the primary (non-aircraft) returns had been filtered. Filtered data probably included ground targets (traffic), birds, weather and radar angels. This actually made analysis easier. 

The map below shows the location of unknown radar returns and two commercial aircraft that passed through the area near the time of both sightings.  The commercial aircraft were both flying over 30,000 feet so they would not have seen the object.

Map of Radar Returns & Witness Locations

The locations of possible UFO radar returns is consistent with the directions observed by both groups of witnesses. The video taken of objects to the South is consistent with the radar map which shows possible unknown returns about six (6) miles to the South. The second group of witnesses saw a large orange object to the East. The above Map shows possible unknown returns to the east-northeast of the second witness location.

This case has been marked as an unknown in the MUFON CMS database.

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