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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Tom's Book Signing

My book signing today went poorly, but I blame the cold weather for keeping people away, and the fact that I was put outside for the ordeal. I set up just before 9 AM, and it was in the mid thirties. By noon it began warming up, and people came by to talk, but no one was interested in buying books. That’s okay, I did get exposure (more ways than one), and enjoyed meeting and talking with people. Seymour has never been much for readers. I learned that when I owned and operated a used bookstore for thirty years. My sales continue to be from other sources; for instance, my Kindle books are still selling better than the print books, both in the US and overseas. Ginger only took one picture of me at the signing, and as you can see, I’m bundled up for the cold temperatures.

By afternoon it had warmed up enough for me to shed all the winter wear, just in time for the newspaper owner to come by and snap my picture, after telling me to wave at the camera. But by then it was time to pack up and close down. Ginger and I were tired and a little disappointed that books didn’t move. Sigh.

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