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Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Pulp Heroes

The Old Pulp Hermit is still under the weather, so I'm filling in for him again.

The following list is merely a starter kit for the new pulp enthusiast. I’ve tried to list the main pulp hero characters, many with their own magazines, some as back up stories in the magazines. But these were the most popular of the genre. There are undoubtedly many others that readers may have found to their liking. If your favorites are not listed, merely copy this list and add your character to it. In the meantime, I hope the list helps the new fan in finding interesting pulp heroes to read and collect. 

The Pulp Hero

The Angel (Gabriel Wilde)
The Angel (Steve Oakes)
Anthony Hamilton
The Avenger
The Avenging Twins
The Bat
Big Chief
Bill Barnes
The Black Bat
The Black Hood
Blond Adder
The Blue Ghost
Captain Combat
Captain (Alan) Danger
Captain (Hazard) Danger
Captain Future
Captain Hazzard
Captain Satan
Captain V
Captain Zero
Carrie Cashin
The Cobra
The Crimson Clown
The Crimson Mask
Dan Dunn
Dan Fowler (G-Men Detective)
Dan Jordan
Doc Harker
Doc Savage
Doc Turner
Doctor Zeng
The Domino Lady
Don Diavolo
Don Winslow
Dusty Ayres
The Eagle
Eddie Sand
Flash Gordon
Funny Face
Gentle Jones (John Paul “Gentle” Jones)
The Ghost
The Ghost/Green Ghost
The Gray Seal
The Green Ghost
The Green Lama
Hollywood Detective
Hopalong Cassidy
The Hornet
Jerry Wade (The Candid Camera Kid)
Jim Anthony
Jim Hatfield (Texas Rangers)
Jimmy Gilmore (Alias Mr. Death)
Jimmy Holm (Ward’s Doctor Death)
Ken Carter
The Lone Eagle
The Lone Ranger
Lyn Vickers (Federal Agent)
The Man In Purple
The Man In The Red Mask
Mark Hazard
The Masked Rider
The Masked Detective
Michael Traile (Dr. Yen Sin)
The Mongoose
The Moon Man
Nibs Holloway (Norris’s Doctor Death)
Nick Carter
Operator #5
Paula Demaree (The Scarlet Adventuress)
The Pecos Kid
Pete Rice
The Phantom Detective
Philip Strange
Polly Verdun (The Scarlet Adventuress)
Public Enemy
The Purple Scar
The Red Falcon
Red Finger
The Rio Kid
Satan Hall
Secret Agent X
Secret Service Smith
The Secret Six
Senorita Scorpion
Seven-Foot Saunders
The Shadow
The Silver Buck
The Skipper
The Skull Killer (Octopus & Scorpion)
The Spider
Sue Carrigan (The Scarlet Adventuress)
The Suicide Squad
Tailspin Tommy
Terrance X O’Leary
Val Kildare (Wu Fang)
The Voice
Walt Slade
The Whisperer
The Wizard

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