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Friday, February 1, 2019

New Pulp Author Colleen Drippe


         The FADING SHADOWS’ magazines literally had hundreds of contributors turning out new pulp stories every month, from 1995 through the end of 2004. Unfortunately, we did not collect all of their bios at the time. Thankfully, Ginger started doing this when she was publishing her anthology series, TALES OF MASKS & MAYHEM. She was selecting stories from our old fiction magazines, and decided to add author bios in the back of each issue. So, basically, what we have here are authors that wrote for our magazines. But elsewhere I have invited other new pulp authors to submit bios.

Colleen Drippe: Colleen wrote mysteries and SF, and was very prolific. She appeared in four of our magazines: CLASSIC PULP FICTION STORIES #54, 55, 57, 59, 68, 78 & 79. EXCITING UFO STORIES #2 & 3. ALIEN WORLDS #2, 3, 11, 19 & 33. and STARTLING SCIENCE STORIES #11, 15, 19, 24 & 32. Since those long ago days she has continued writing SF novels in a series of priests populating the universe. Check out her novels, Gelen; Freightliner; and Sunrise On the Icewolf. These are exciting action novels in space and on other worlds.

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