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Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Introducing New Pulp Authors: Ray Capella


         Once in a while I will be spotlighting one of our new pulp authors. These will just be short bios. The author is encouraged to add more information at any time, and since my data is a bit old (taken from the back of books we – or others – published) new information would be appreciated. This is not limited to just the authors of the FADING SHADOWS magazines. Other new pulp authors can be included. Just send me a short bio, and an illustration if you have one.

Ray Capella: From Alhambra, California, Ray was a noted illustrator for a number of SF & Fantasy journals before coming over to the Fading Shadows magazines. He contributed a lot of interior and cover art for our SF titles, as well as illustrating heroic characters like Doc Savage and The Shadow. But Ray didn’t just illustrate, he also wrote, both articles and fiction. He wrote half a dozen or more stories for our magazines, some featuring his new pulp hero, The Domino Mask under the pseudonym of Chester Ingram. Unfortunately, Domino Mask is another pulp hero lost to contemporary readers since Ray passed away several years ago, and his stories are hidden away in out of print magazines.